Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)


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One of the most recognisable herbs in the garden, with small tightly packed aromatic leaves, that stem from a woody evergreen bush that flowers in purple or white. The garden thyme is an improved variation of the Wild Thyme from areas native to its mountainous habitat. It may be companion planted along with Lavender – as they both favour the same conditions and compliment each other in the garden. A White variety is also available – this this originally the Red, that has been rectified and re-distilled again. Also known as Common Thyme, French Thyme, and Garden Thyme, and originating from the Spain and Mediterranean region. Thyme Red contains principal components of phenol.

Thymol is part of a naturally occurring compound, an active ingredient of Thyme, when this chemical comes in contact with iron in a crude distillation process, it discolours to the reddish/brown. Considered throughout most of history to be an antiseptic and disinfectant in many uses. With strong antimicrobial agents that have been investigated to reduce bacterial resistance, as well as an effective fungicide.

Ingredients: Thymus Vulgaris Leaf Oil

Botanical name: Thymus vulgaris

Common name: White Thyme

Plant part: Leaves

Extraction method: Steam distilled

Common uses: Thyme oil has traditionally been used to help relieve gout, arthritis and rheumatic pain.

Note: Top

Strength of aroma: Strong

Aromatic scent: Warm, Spicy-herbaceous aroma

Cautions: Non-toxic and non-irritating, Possible sensitiser in some individuals. Avoid during pregnancy.


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