Herbal Extracts - Supplements (Powder)

Our Herbal Extracts, Herbal Supplements come in powdered form and are packaged in ziplock bags. Please see the product listing for instructions and guidance on how to use them.

These herbal extracts are imported from a Bio-Tech company in Hong Kong. They make extracts and supplements for pharmaceutical and vitamin supplement companies. So what you would often buy in a chemist or health food shop in capsule form, I buy and resell as a raw extract. They use super critical CO2 to dissolve and extract the ingredients from the plant material. The more they do this the stronger the extract can get. When an extract is 20:1 it means it took 20kg of plant material to make 1 kg of extract. The final 20:1 extract has no analysis of the ingredients. The amount of the active constituents that are carried through in the extraction is not known. Natural Alchemy is only a small home business and is not in a position to have independent analysis.

Some of the other extracts have known percentages of active ingredients. To achieve this they isolate these ingredients into a known percentage. I am not sure how they do this, they have a lot of trade secrets. But with those extracts you know it will have at least that amount of the active ingredient.

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