Dragon’s Blood Blend (Dracaena sp.)


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Dragon’s Blood Grades: If you have purchased Dragon’s Blood resin for incense before, chances are it was Frankincense or some other resin, coated in Dragon’s Blood and possibly scented with a fragrance. If the Dragon’s Blood has a strong scent, then it is probably a blend with added fragrance. Dragon’s Blood melts with a little heat and it is easy to coat other resins in it by tumbling them in molten Dragon’s Blood.

This listing is for a Dragon’s Blood & Frankincense Blend. You can buy Pure Dragon’s Blood here.

Imported from India and sold as a Frankincense | Dragon’s Blood Blend. Possibly fragranced but only lightly.

Dragon’s Blood resin is know to have a strong herbal and spicy fragrance. If you are looking for Dragon’s Blood to burn on its own, then I would recommend either #1 or #2. If you are making your own blend, then choose #3 as it is 100% pure.

Dragon’s Blood resin has a strong herbal and spicy fragrance.

The resin is extracted from many different tropical tree species commonly called dragon trees. These may come from the plant groups Croton, Pterocarpus, Daemonorops, or Dracaena.

Dragon’s blood resin has been used for thousands of years in India as part of rituals to drive evil and negativity away.

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